Eterm is a color vt102 terminal emulator intended as a replacement for xterm. It is designed with a Freedom of Choice philosophy, leaving as much power, flexibility, and freedom as possible in the hands of the user. It is designed to look good and work well, but takes a feature-rich approach rather than one of minimalism while still maintaining speed and efficiency.

Eterm works on Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, FreeBSD, and just about any other flavor of UNIX out there. It works on any windowmanager/desktop environment, including AfterStep, BlackBox, 4DWM, CDE, KDE, GNOME, fvwm, and even twm, although it is designed to work and integrate best with Enlightenment.

Current Version Summary
  • Latest Release:
  • 0.9.6
  • CVS Version:
  • 0.9.6

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